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Dubai introduced 0.25 AED fee for each single-use bags

Dear iiko user,

In line with the policy announced by The Executive Council of Dubai to limit the consumption of single-use bags, a tariff is applied.
You would find more information on the topic via this link:
From July 1, Dubai introduced a mandatory payment for single-use bags in the amount of 0.25 AED per piece when buying goods in retail establishments: supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, etc.
The fee is mandatory for any trading enterprise providing a single-use packaging for their customers. This includes plastic bags, paper bags and the stores are not obligated to provide free alternatives. The goal of this initiative is to change the consumer behavior in order to preserve the local environment.
Addressing this task iiko has a feature, which helps to automatically add the fee to the customer bill, helping the staff to avoid mistakes and possible consequences from the municipalities. Kindly fill in the form below to apply for the setup if you’re an existing iiko customer. If you have not installed iiko – our sales team will get in touch with you shortly to help you with turning your point of sale to the point of success.
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