Bring advanced
technologies to your
Restaurant easily
with SyrveNano POS

Take orders and control your operations with the handheld SyrveNano. It’s fast and simple. SyrveNano is a handheld POS that includes all the software and hardware you’ll need to become a modern business, capable of growing quickly.
What is SyrveNano?
A first step into ePOS
Easy to use
Handheld - small hardware footprint
Built in printer
Back office essentials
Installed within minutes
SyrveNano will give you all the POS essentials to thrive in a handheld size
SyrveNano is perfect for cafés, fast food outlets, food trucks & micro bars.
Take orders, print receipts and then manage your menus, prices and reports from anywhere.
Use your new POS for inventory, staff management, smart analytics and reports.
Take payments, track sales & feed them into your accounts, keep accurate records.
Your new POS is a part of the Syrve family, you can add new features easily and painlessly.
Easy entry into F&B POS
Take your POS to the next level. To get the most value, you can step-up to Syrve’s Pro software and hardware range to manage deliveries, control your inventory, handle staff rotas and run loyalty programs. It’s easy to upgrade to a host of new features when the time is right.
Trusted Proven Experienced
Trusted by over 57,000 F&B businesses worldwide, we are redefining what POS can mean to your business and what value you can expect from it. Over the course of several years in UAE we've been delivering restaurant solutions to make businesses thrive and prosper.
We will transform your point of sale to your point of success.
Local Support
We're a multicultural team of Horeca professionals capable of delivering the best in class service to your business. We speak English, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, we love restaurants and we're passionate about what we're doing!
UAE Restaurant Community
Everyday we work hard to make the life of our clients better and happier. Communication is the foundation of our community. It is through communication between community members that incredible ideas are born.
Hardware options available
150 AED
Buy your handheld POS today
Bring modern POS technologies to your business easily with SyrveNano
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