Launch SyrveWaiter your order taking little helper for the Restaurant

Expanding the capabilities of Syrve POS SyrveWaiter app allows you to speed up your service and increase its quality. Forget about outdated paper notebook and change it for a convenient, techy and smart app bringing you additional profits.
All you need, to serve your guests. No matter what platform you’re on - we support both
Quick context menu search
Accepting the orders by guests and bill splitting
Courses and out-of-stock lists
Convenient item builder
Comments for items
Discounts, bonuses, loyalty integrations
Push notifications from the kitchen
Offline capabilities
Trusted Proven Experienced
Trusted by over 57,000 F&B businesses worldwide, we are redefining what POS can mean to your business and what value you can expect from it. Over the course of several years in UAE we've been delivering restaurant solutions to make businesses thrive and prosper.
We will transform your point of sale to your point of success.
It’s all about guests comfort
Sending the order to the kitchen has never been easier, do it right from the table and then attend next table, there’s no need to run across the restaurant. You can even take and close orders at the car window having your guests not to get out to fetch their takeaway order. No extra minute waiting for them - no extra costs for you!
Your team will love it!
Waiters can continue using their own devices, be it iOS or Android - it works for both! No longer they need to use paper and pen and they won’t be keeping the guests waiting - the order is closed right at the table!
What does it mean for you?
By simply increasing the speed of service you’ll get a higher turnover per table meaning more possibilities for upsell and your satisfied guests are more likely to come back bringing in more revenue!
Local Support
We're a multicultural team of Horeca professionals capable of delivering the best in class service to your business. We speak English, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, we love restaurants and we're passionate about what we're doing!
UAE Restaurant Community
Everyday we work hard to make the life of our clients better and happier. Communication is the foundation of our community. It is through communication between community members that incredible ideas are born.
Price per device, ex VAT
50 AED
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