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SyrveWallet will help you to get rid of old plastic cards costs and help your guests to keep your loyalty card with them at all times with no efforts. Let your guests register in your loyalty program and get a nicely designed card to their phone wallet. The card will contain a QR code to identify the guest, show the balance points and send push notifications to your guest.
The cards are stored in Apple Wallet,
Google Wallet or a Wallet Passes app.
SyrveWallet capabilities and how will they increase your revenue:
Identifying the guest via the electronic card reading the QR-code from the phone screen
Identify the guests about the balance changes or rank updates
Send push-notifications when the guest is near a certain location
Send different push-notifications
To let your guests join the programm place the link for registration at your social media or print a QR on flyers and your front door.
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